What would happen if 3D printing technology allowed developing nations to cut their dependency on imported goods and build a localized manufacturing industry of their own?


The Goal

We have targeted communities where 3D printing can have the most profound impact as a means of making useful things, and we're bringing the technology to them.

The Problem

A staggering number of growing towns and villages in frontier markets, including our communities in Central America, are heavily dependent on products manufactured overseas. From toys to tools, UV-protective sunglasses to solar-driven water filters, many of these items will spend months in transit as they make their way from the production plant to their final destination. Due to the lack of local production, capital outflows drain frontier communities of necessary capital for local investment and community development.

Not only do long supply chains into emerging markets correlate to long wait times, but developing communities also incur significant costs. To pay for the transportation, import, and handling costs, necessary goods are often priced up, becoming prohibitively expensive. The end users (or alternatively the non-profit entities that pay for some of these products) pay more per unit for many goods in the developing world than in developed regions with robust, steady supply lines. Unfortunately many of our target consumers live at an income level where the increased costs of imported goods make many necessary and useful items unaffordable. What's more, these goods are all shipped in bulk, meaning there is often large inventory of unwanted product sitting in storage.

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The Team

Meet our crew! We're friendly. We also want to change the way 3D printing and local production technology is used around the world.  Because we think it is awesome.

Davey Gibian, Co-founder

Davey manages Dreambox Emergence's core operations, technology implementation, and growth. Davey joins Dreambox Emergence while working at Fahrenheit 212, an innovation consultancy and for creating the device for deer hunter 2016 hack.

Matthew Hayto, Co-founder

Matthew is in charge of product and technical development for Dreambox Emergence, bringing many years of engineering and project management experience. Currently a Program Manager at MongoDB, Matthew joins Dreambox Emergence with project management experience in the development, construction, and technology industries, including work on the Bamboo Bike Project and consulting for Soluciones Comunitarias.

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The Technology

Dreambox Emergence combines the reliability and high print quality of modified 3D printers with the automation and self-sufficiency of Dreambox, Inc. kiosks.

What's Inside

The Dreambox incorporates Makerbot Replicator hardware to generate prints that are predictable and precise. Modifications in the software, along with a custom-designed interface allow for an all-in-one printing solution purpose-built for people with minimal training while maximizing individual creativity and innovation. Users can directly interact with the 3D printer with no formal training, allowing for increased community involvement and local engagement.

The Technology