A Better Garden with 3D Printing

Did you know that a 3D printer can help you make your garden better? Here are some of the things you can print with your 3D printer which will make your garden a more pleasing place to look at and work at:

Garden Signs


Print out veggie signs for your gardens so that they appear pleasant and organized. Opt for handy small 3D printed signs instead of printed or handwritten ones. The ink you use will come off in the rain, anyway, so why not 3D print the labels instead and do yourself a favor?

Hydroponic Pots

What? You can print a pot with a 3D printer? Of course, you can! Almost everything’s possible now. It’s best to use a material you can recycle if in case the plant roots take over the pot.

Onion Pots

Nope, we can’t get enough of pots… and onions! Grow your onions with 3D printed pots tailored for them! You can print various sizes and color them differently to make your garden more colorful.

Shovel Handle Replacement

3d printed shovel handleOh no! Did you break your shovel handle by working so hard? Don’t worry; you can always 3D print one! You can make your own design or search a model on the internet if you’re feeling lazy. Just be sure you give enough time to experiment with the infill otherwise it would be too fragile. You can even design your own pool skimmer basket handle with a 3D printer in case you’re bored with the handle that came with the basket. Print your own handles and watch your children have fun working with a shovel or with a pool basket!

Learn more about making your garden great in artofbeingamom.com.

Valve Handle

Speaking of handles, you can also 3D print a valve handle for your garden hoses so that all the handles in your garden have the same appearances or color.

Small Shovel

Teach your kids the art of gardening. Start them young with a small shovel as their partner. After all, gardening is therapeutic, and it encourages healthy living, promotes positivity, instills generosity, and lengthens patience. Kids can’t work with big gardening tools, so make sure you 3D print some tools for them to handle easily.

Chair Protectors

If you always get annoyed with the chairs ruining the beauty of your garden, then you must print your own chair lawn protectors. Give those chair legs some shoes they can wear to prevent your garden from being punctured. Problem solved.

Watering Can

3d-watering-can-3d-model3D print a 13 and ½ ounce can for your tiny plants! It may not be able to water many plants at once, but printing this and allowing your kids to water your plants can be fun for you and them. Besides, it’s cute and cheap to print! Partner it with a 3D printed watering can nozzle and you’re good to go!

Lawn Sprinkler

Print your lawn sprinkler! Just attach it to your existing hose, and you’ll be good to go. The best part about this is that you can get as creative as you want with your sprinkler. You can select any color you want, any size, and any design. It’s ideal for those who always forget to water their lawn!

You can print more designs if you want, depending on what tools you need. Honestly, with a 3D printer, almost everything’s possible.

The Future of Band Saw Blade Technology

SKIL-3386-01Let’s go back a bit. The last time band saw blade tech made a giant leap was in the mid-1960s with the introduction of bi-metal technology, it was soon after followed by the establishment of carbide-tipped blades.

It’s been almost 60 years since then, and no huge advancement has happened. Fortunately, we’re heading to a bright future.

Band sawing efficiency is known to be limited before the dawn of bi-metal blades. That type of blade was used to be made completely of high carbon steel since it was bendable enough to survive the stress that’s caused by its winding path around the saw machine’s drive wheels and into and out of the saw blade guides. The demand was the use of a softer, more pliable backing material.

Speaking of band saw, I’d like to give out a shout to these guys for offering state-of-the-art band saws on the market today.

The Future of Band Saw Blades


Good thing new developments have emerged. Now a band saw blade with a tooth design which supplies a larger tooth cross section is available. This kind of blade provides a stronger cutting surface, eliminates tooth strippage, decreases burring, prevents premature failure, creates low vibration, lessens noise, and takes out chips quicker for long life.

What will we expect in the future, though? One thing is for sure: manufacturers are attempting to make enhancements in tooth geometry for better cutting performance.

Tooth Geometry

Just because the last advancement was in the mid-1960s doesn’t mean manufacturers of band saw blades are doing nothing. In fact, they’ve been making developments slowly and steadily for the past years. The progress was quickened in the 1990s, when design technologies like a 3D machining simulation software made a grand entrance. Because of this software, the ability to minimize the lengthy and costly field testing now became possible. With these new devices, innovations like variable tooth set/height forms were optimized, helping everyone get the most out of their band saw blade investments.