3D printing Is Not Yet Effective And Efficient In Large Scale Production

Due to the time it takes in printing 3D objects, it might not be advisable yet to incorporate this technology in large productions. The cost of a 3D printer is not yet cheap compared to a normal printer. If your target is to create 3000 products within a month, then the use of this technology will not let you hit your target unless you buy 300 or more printers.

Limited Materials Options

Technology developers are trying to solve this issue. Today you could choose from 600 materials you could use in 3D printing. However, you’ll still have limitations when it comes to color finishes and product materials. Hopefully, this issue could be resolved quickly as they try to improve 3D printer functions.

Endurance Can Be A Problem

The layer-by-layer fabrication process can result to weaker products compared to traditionally made products. Test shows that products from 3D printing wear faster. Materials used has a big impact on the durability of the product, so if you are planning on establishing a 3D printing business, we recommend that you do intensive research about the materials you would use.