How to Avoid Trade Bot Scammers in CS:GO

What are trading bots?

First of all, bots use technical review and machine learning to create the best trading strategies to exploit the market. Compared to a human trader, these bots only follow a few set of rules which dictates the way it functions.

Trading Bots in CS:GO


CS:GO trading bots allow players to exchange their skins efficiently—securely and quickly. Trading can be done easier because these bots are instant trading tools that will enable gamers to swap skins, knives, and keys.

Some sites allow you to choose the items you wish to receive through applying bot filters to get the type of object you want. CS:GO players can exchange items and obtain awesome skins by first depositing their skins.

CS-moneyExcited? Don’t get in a state; trading bots for csgo are to be found here. These are the three best and most established ones today! If you’re wise enough to hate scams, you’ll click the link we just gave.

Avoiding Fraudulent Schemes

Trade bot scams are common. So how should you avoid them? Simple. You should know when it’s a scam or not.

You’ll know it’s a trick if the scammer sends you a link and tells you that it’s the picture of what he offers or something else along those lines. Once you click, he will immediately acquire your Steam account password.


Take note that this might also be used on other sites, not just on steam. There are even links like these on YouTube. If you’re not a hundred percent sure that the link is safe, do yourself a favor and don’t click!

Trading bot scammers also use fake steam accounts so that they can add you. They’ll add you once you post a trade. Usually, these bots use photos of women. Their names also vary from simple names like Bob to odd ones like 1234asdfgh4321. I mean, their names alone are already suspicious, so why make a trade with them?

Most of these bots have zero games on their private profiles and zero items in their inventory. Honestly, all you have to do is trust your guts to avoid doubtful accounts, and you’ll be free from scams.

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