What Is 3D Printing?

3d printed object


The 3D printing concept is really not new. It has existed for more than 30 years before it was released to the public. It started with sterolithography which focuses on light curable materials but as they continued to research they discovered that the use of other complex materials can be also be used in 3D printing.

About 3D Printing

It is another break through technology that soon will be the next big thing in the market. Through 3D printing, we can now print complicated designed objects with much precision and accuracy. The objects can be created by AMF file, you would simply put the data to a 3D printing machine and basically watch it perform its job in an instant.

How Does The Technology Work?

3D Printers create the object by layering technique wherein it the data is divided into bits and pieces to form the whole design. There are countless materials you could use in 3D printing depending on the uses of the object you want to create. Let us start with plastics. 3D printers melt the plastic material and lay out the design in the pan. The plastic materials cools down and new object is formed.

How It Is Being Used?

From medicine to food industry, 3D printing can be found useful. Today, sweet shops are using 3D printing to create complicated designs which is close to impossible to make, if it will be made by hands. In medicine, doctors use it to print specially designed body parts for surgeries and organ replacement.